Lori & Evan are married! [Gilbertsville Farmhouse South New Berlin, NY]

Real Wedding


Lori and Evan’s love story spans over a decade, a testament to the strength of their bond. When Lori reached out to us during the midst of wedding season, she was eager to transform her vision into reality through the beauty of flowers.

Their journey toward their wedding day was marked by patience, commitment, and unwavering love. Despite the challenges of planning amidst a bustling wedding season, Lori remained determined to create a day that would reflect their unique love story.

As we collaborated with Lori to bring her floral vision to life, we were inspired by her passion and attention to detail. Together, we curated a collection of blooms that would perfectly complement the essence of their special day.

The culmination of their efforts was a day filled with beauty, joy, and cherished moments. Take a glimpse into their stunning celebration and witness the magic of Lori and Evan’s love story come to life.


Photography credit: Korver Photography