Rentals, Rentals, Rentals

Wedding Planning Tips


Most of the weddings we execute involve at least the following: tables, tablecloths, napkins, chairs, cocktail tables, plates (often dinner, salad, and cake), forks, knives, and glasses (water, wine, beer, rocks as needed). Less frequent rentals would include patio heaters, table number stands, bread baskets, beverage dispensers and tubs, lounge furniture, and lighting.

Some differences between rental companies are quality of the products; delivery windows and charges; minimum order amount; and if dishes/glasses/silverware need to be returned scraped, rinsed, or washed (all of which are decidedly different amounts of labor). If you’re handling your rental orders yourself, it’s probably worth calling a few different companies to ask them these questions and get a general quote started.


photo credit – Elena Wolfe Photography