The best music genres for your wedding

Wedding Planning Tips


When you’re organizing your wedding, every detail should be perfect – and the soundtrack to your wedding is certainly more than just a detail. From choosing the genre of the live musicians to setting the tone of the playlist your DJ plays, the music genres you use in your wedding will be the backdrop for this memorable night for the rest of your life.


Jazz is a popular choice when it comes to selecting a live band to kick things off on the night. Choose a band with a charismatic vocalist and chill out to popular classics by Nina Simone and Ray Charles. Jazz is a great way to get everyone on the dance floor, and popular jazz love songs will appeal to both older and younger guests at your wedding.


If you’re looking for a genre that is a crowd pleaser, it’s pop. There’s a huge variety of pop songs out there to choose from, from classic love songs to enjoy your first dance to, to dance hits that get people moving. You can either hire a band who play classic pop songs or simply create a super pop playlist for your DJ to set your night to.


If pop is a little too twee for your tastes but you still want something with mainstream appeal, rock is another great option. From Bryan Adams to Bon Jovi, rock music has brought us some of the world’s best love songs, and a rock set at your wedding can create atmosphere, romance, and drama.


Whether you opt for modern R’n’B or traditional rhythm and blues, R’n’B is a great way to get people dancing to catchy songs, particularly if you’re not a big fan of pop. From modern classics like Alicia Keyes and Lizzo to sixties blues goddess Aretha Franklin, you can be flexible with an R’n’B theme and include elements of jazz, blues, and soul to keep everyone happy. These songs often also have passionate lyrics which might enhance the romantic feel of your day.


It’s not the obvious choice, but choosing live Latin music or your wedding can make the night a little more unique. This is a great choice for couples who have ever taken salsa classes because it gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your moves in your first dance. Latin music is passionate, dramatic, and easy to dance to – exactly what’s needed.


Classical music has been a favorite at weddings and special events for centuries, and it’s no big surprise considering how easy it is to find classical pieces that are romantic, beautiful, and passionate. Hire a solo musician or a small quartet for your wedding party to keep things classy  and intimate all night long.

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