What to include in Wedding Welcome Bags!

Wedding Planning Tips


Welcome bags are a true hit for destination weddings and weekend weddings, I’ve compiled a few ideas below and honestly, the options are endless.

photo from Pinterest

Items you may want to include:

bagsĀ (etsy has so many good ideas and you can personalize these), boxes, baskets

hangover kits (this includes little bag, Emergen C packet,  single use Ibuprofen, tide stain stick, bandaids, hand sanitizer)

Hangover kit –

photo from Etsy

Hangover bag 

1 water per person per room

fresh fruit — maybe apples (especially if it’s apple picking season) (per person per room)

Wine bottle –  a family favorite? Our a personal favorite of the couple?

Local baked good (yes! Or dark chocolate, anything edible and local!) 

Local magnet or postcard? How about a wine bottle opener? And Koozies

Wine trail brochure? Love this  / maybe wine trail and hiking maps? Local attractions