Things Brides Often Forget

Wedding Planning Tips


I’m back from vacation but under loads of laundry and travel fog… but I’ve got some good tips to remember for your wedding day!
Shine Up Your Ring – Hop on over to your jeweler for a professional cleaning the week of your wedding. You want that baby to sparkle!
Snacks – The wedding day munchies can sneak up on you. Make a plan for yourself and your bridesmaids during the getting ready portion of your day. Either bring snacks or plan to have your venue provide a light lunch and treats for the afternoon!
Marriage License – Seems obvious, but it happens! 
Feed Your Vendors – Your venue, catering service or coordinator will usually remind you to account for vendor meals. You’ll also want to set aside time in the schedule for them to sit down and eat—these amazing peeps are what make your Big Day come together, so don’t forget to fuel them up!

Invitation suite – This is one of my favorite details to style and have photographed on the day of the wedding! Brides should remember to pack at least one full invitation suite and any other stationery details (rehearsal dinner invites, shower invites, save-the-dates) that were mailed out during the engagement to bring with them in the bridal prep suite the day of the wedding. If you have beautiful calligraphy and/or special envelope liners, bring more than one set — so that your photographer can shoot the front and back of the invitation in the same frame.

Cake knife and toasting flutes – You may receive these as a gift at your shower, opt to purchase your special set on your own, or use ones that have been handed down to you by parents or family members. When packing up your items to be placed at the reception, be sure to remember to pack your cake knife and toasting flutes (and keep the original packaging to avoid breakage) so that this detail will not be overlooked.

Overnight bag – Pack an overnight bag when you pack for your honeymoon. Make sure to include everything you’ll need or want on wedding night and the next morning – like lingerie, toiletries, makeup, hair dryer, and a change of clothes and shoes.

Chargers + electronics – Don’t forget to pack the important electronics in your honeymoon suitcase. This includes your cell phone and other items, like a camera or camcorder – plus the chargers for all of these.

Identification – Going out-of-country for your honeymoon? Don’t forget the Passport. Seriously.

Itinerary – Print out copies of your itinerary so that everyone knows what is happening when. It has the ultimate benefit of people not asking you, “What time is that happening again?” over and over. (And over.)

Seating – Don’t forget to tell family and special guests that they’re sitting in the Reserved section. Otherwise, no one you actually intended to sit there will grace those seats.

photograph by Jesse Pafundi