Wedding Invitation Timeline

Wedding Planning Tips


These are not rules by any means and depending on where you look you may find different answers but the following is what I recommend – –



8-12 months; Save-the-dates give your guests a friendly heads up. They are not always necessary, but are never a bad idea! Your guests may decide to turn your destination wedding into a getaway trip, so those save-the-dates can be sent up to a year in advance!


3 months; There is such a thing as too early! Send invitations so that your guests’ maximum anticipation lines up with your big day.

**Invitations for destination weddings should be sent far enough in advance for your guests to make their travel plans.



3-5 weeks; this deadline will depend on how much lead time your wedding professionals need. Caterers, florists, etc. Check with each vendor to determine when they need a final number and set the RSVP return date for a week before that.


Immediately – gifts come rolling in before you walk down the aisle – I recommend sending thank yous immediately after receiving the gift to minimize the work after the wedding. If you don’t have the opportunity to send them before your honeymoon, get them out no later than four weeks after the wedding!


photographs by Kortni Maria